Special Projects

If you have a special piece you’ve been wanting to do something with

but haven’t gotten too, I  would love to make a custom piece for you. Or if

you don’t see something specific you’re thinking of, please ask.

Memory Pillows made with shirts from the customers loved ones shirts.
I was asked to replicate this picture in pebble art.
The same customer asked me to replicate this picture of her parents.

These two pictures are for a mother and daughter that climbed all 48 4000′ mountains in New Hampshire to commemorate finishing!
My friend asked me to make a bracelet to match her pearl necklace.
Memory Quilt
This quilt was made with special t-shirts of this customer’s sister who passed away. It was a Christmas gift for her mom.
Graduation Quilt
This quilt was made for a high school senior who’s mom has been saving sports shirts, baby clothes and blankets, daisy aprons, prom dress, etc, and I turned them into this double sided queen size quilt, what a project!!!!!
This is the driftwood wreath that started it all, everything (except the starfish) came back with us from our trip to California. I made this wreath and I was addicted to making nature creations!!
This is a necklace I made for a friend with a special piece of sea glass she had. She is a sailor so i added the charm.
This wind chime was made from a special blue glass bottle that sat on the mantle until the family cat knocked it off and it smashed. I tumbled the broken pieces and made this so the bottle lives on!
This picture was made for a customer who had a handblown glass ball that she dropped when cleaning it, she asked that I make something pretty with the glass so she could still have something to remember the special time and place where she bought the ball

2 Responses

  1. Crystal

    The blue glass bottle idea see I wouldn’t have EVER thought of that! You got talent and brains girl you can think something up Iin a second ! And that’s awskme and I love working with you already and see a bunch more I love and can’t wait to buy :):):)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kathy Smith

    I adore the picture of the parents on the bench. I’m just thrilled looking at all this and the wonderful gift you have of creating these beautiful pieces with the beauty of nature.


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