Pebble, Sea Glass, Shell & “Recycled” Glass Art

Recycled glass is colored glass that I have bought, broken and tumbled to resemble sea glass. If a piece is made with real sea glass I will label it this way, otherwise it is Recycled glass.

6×6″ Wedding Couple Picture in shadowbox frame Can be personalized with the bride and groom’s name and wedding date. $30

Unique Seashell Heart Picture $30
9×9″ Red & yellow recycled glass flower picture $40

2 cats
Very Hungry Caterpillar $18
2×3″ Little Piggy. $15
Shell FLowers

Green & Purple Potted Flowers
3×3″ Compass Rose $15
4×6″ Lotus Flower $22
3×3″ Starfish $15
3×3″ Mini Potted Posie $15
3×3″ mini Loon $15
Mine 3×3″ State of Maine $15
Upcycled Glass Flowers on Driftwood Wall Hanging $30
Blue Potted Flowers in a 6×6 shadow box, made with recycled glass $35
Red potted Flowers in a 5×7″ shadow box frame made with recycled glass, $25

LAUNDRY DAY, in a 5X7″ shadow box frame $25
5″ Stone Flower & Vine on Driftwood Ornament $10

3×3″ Framed Potted Upcycled Glass Flowers $12
12″ Shell Heart $ 45
4×6″ Birdwatcher $20
5×7″ Birds on the Fence $25
4″ Recycled Glass Flowers on Driftwood Ornament $6

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