Pebble, Shell & “Recycled” Glass Art

Family Home this picture can be made to match your family combination, kids, parents, pets. 4×6″ $25 ~ 5×7″
Rocky Maine Coast. 5×7″.
Lobstah 4×6″.
“Expecting” 5×7″ shadowbox.
Recycled Glass Flower Wall Hanging.
2×3″ Shell Flowers

5×7″ Multi color Flower Pot

5×7″ Snowflake in shadowbox frame

Feline Hierarchy! 5×7″
9×9″Mussel Shell Flowers
5×7″ Hiking Couple and friend
3×5″ Blue Flower Pot
5×7″ Wave in shadowbox frame
Unique Seashell Heart Picture

Hummingbirds 2×3″ distressed frame.
2 cats
Can be made to order with your number of cats and I can try to match the colors of your cats, dogs, cat/dog combinations.

Ferns in 9×9″ shadowbox frame

3×3″ Compass Rose
4×6″ Lotus Flower
3×3″ Starfish
Happy Camper
5×7″ shadowbox frame

3×3″ mini Loon
Mine 3×3″ State of Maine
Blue Potted Flowers in a 6×6 shadow box, made with recycled glass

LAUNDRY DAY, in a 5X7″ shadow box frame

3×3″ Framed Potted Upcycled Glass Flowers
12″ Shell Heart
5×7″ Birds on the Fence

4 Responses

  1. ellenpetersonlord

    I love this pebble art! I would like to have one made for my husband like the “2 cats. I really like the wood frame too. We lost a dark colored cat last winter and our white cat is now sick and won’t be around much longer. To commemorate their lives I would love to give one to my husband with a black stone and a white stone, would that work? Thank you!


  2. Wendy Hammond

    Hey Tammy!!! Could you make me a hiking couple (without a friend) 2×3 $16? I bought one from you in Cumberland for our friends but love it so much I want to have one for me too!!


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